Welcoming Our New CEO: A New Chapter for ABSC

Dear ABSC Members,

ABSC is delighted to introduce our newly appointed CEO, Kylie Roberts-Frost. Kylie comes to the ABSC with an impressive track record, most recently from her transformative work at Soft Landing, running their ACT organisation. She brings not only a wealth of knowledge in recycling and sustainability but also over 15 years of comprehensive experience in commercial and supply chain leadership at global organisations like Maersk and Deloitte.

Beyond her professional achievements, Kylie’s network will be instrumental in reinforcing our existing relationships and building new partnerships, particularly in Canberra. Her balanced approach to leadership and her aptitude for stakeholder engagement will undoubtedly help us navigate the complex challenges our industry faces.

To learn more about Kylie’s background and vision, visit her LinkedIn profile here.

With Kylie at the helm, the ABSC is thrilled to have a vibrant, capable leader who will steer our council toward a promising future.

Left: Tanya Plibersek (Minister for the Environment and Water) Right: Kylie Roberts-Frost (ABSC CEO)

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