The ABSC is committed to keeping mattresses out of landfill and establishing a viable mattress recycling network. Mattress recycling is a high-cost operation with low return. A mattress cannot be 100% recycled in Australia and the materials currently recovered from mattresses have limited re-sale value. We are working on:  

  • new solutions for end-of-life mattress materials
  • supporting existing mattress recyclers to expand their services to mattress retailers, councils and consumers.

What is ABSC Approval for Mattress Recyclers?

ABSC Approval is available to mattress recyclers who ensure safe and environmentally responsible collection, storage and recycling of end-of-life mattresses and their component materials.

Mattress recyclers who refurbish or re-skin mattresses are not currently supported by the ABSC due to limited evidenced-based protocols on health and safety. However, the ABSC will be working with refurbishers on health and safety standards as the Scheme develops. If you do refurbish mattresses, please contact us to discuss further.

ABSC approved for mattress recycling

The following organisations are approved by the ABSC and we encourage retailers, manufacturers, councils and consumers to use their services:

Soft Landing Mattress Recycling is a national social enterprise that collects and manually dismantles mattresses for recycling to keep the maximum amount of waste out of landfill and to create jobs for people experiencing barriers to work. Soft Landing operates in New South Wales (NSW), Victoria, Western Australia (WA) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and services residential, council and commercial customers.

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Bounce Back Mattress Recycling use a manual dismantling method to ensure the maximum recovery of steel, foam and timber and provide employment with a focus on ability and inclusion. Bounce Back provide tailored collection services for residential, council and commercial customers and any quantity of mattresses in the Greater Adelaide area. Country and regional South Australian residents are recommended to contact their local councils for options.

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AHRWMA collects mattresses from its constituent councils and the public. Our aim is to provide a convenient, cost-effective means of disposing of unwanted bedding materials. Mattresses are shredded to recover ferrous metals which are recycled locally. AHRWMA hopes to increase the percentage of recovered materials whilst still ensuring accessibility for our local community.

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Atlas Soils provide the integration of mattress shredding and separation of steel services with other waste shredding services including organics, white goods, solar panels, tyres, and concrete. Based in Townsville, North Queensland, Atlas Soils has the mobile and licensed capacity to process anywhere in Queensland.

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CDS Recycling provide mattress and soft furnishing shredding services to considerably reduce landfill volume and recover the steel components. They provide services to councils, commercial operations, retailers and residential customers throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

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KTS Recycling provide a mattress and soft furnishing shredding service to recover steel to council and commercial customers in Victoria and southern New South Wales. WM Waste Management Services provide the collection service of mattresses to be recycled by KTS Recycling.

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Sydney Recycling Park provide mattress shredding services to recover steel to council and commercial customers in metropolitan Sydney, Newcastle and ACT. Sydney Recycling Park is part of the Wanless group of companies.

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How to apply for ABSC Approval for Mattress Recyclers?

  1. Download and read the Scheme Guidelines and ABSC Code of Conduct.
  2. Download the ABSC Approval for Mattress Recycler Application form.
  3. Return the completed application form, relevant documentation to verify licenses and permits referenced in your application and a signed copy of the ABSC Code of Conduct via email.
  4. The ABSC team will review the application and contact the applicant if further information and a site visit is required.

What are the benefits of becoming ABSC approved for mattress recycling?

  • supported by the ABSC for demonstrating leadership in the safe and environmentally responsible management of end-of-life mattresses.
  • featured on the ABSC website
  • promoted to Bedding Stewardship Scheme participants, ABSC members, stakeholders and consumers
  • invited to participate in recycler network and information sessions
  • supported to use ABSC branding

How do I support mattress recycling?

Retailers and manufacturers

If you provide a mattress take back service, encourage your mattress recycler to contact us and apply for ABSC Approval for Mattress Recyclers. If you are seeking re-use solutions for comfort return mattresses please contact us


If you collect, store or process mattresses at transfer stations contact us to discuss the type of membership or approval that the ABSC can offer your council.


If you are looking to buy a new mattress, we encourage you to do so from our participating member brands. These brands are committed to finding better end-of-life solutions and keeping them out of landfill. Ask if a take back scheme is available in store or online. If you are looking to dispose of an old mattress, contact one of our approved mattress recyclers.

Mattress recovery, landfill diversion and recycling

Manual dismantling and shredding are the two common approaches to mattress recycling in Australia. 

Manual Dismantling

Manual dismantling is the preferred method of recycling to maximise recovery of sought-after resources used within mattresses. Manual dismantling involves deconstructing and sorting carefully by hand the materials that can be recycled such as steel and Polyurethane (PU) foam. Often, manual dismantling processes are operated by social enterprise and provide jobs and training to people experiencing barriers to employment. The ABSC supports recycling facilities of a social enterprise nature that prioritise ethical, social and environmental outcomes.

Mechanical Shredding

Mechanical shredding of mattresses is a fast and high-volume solution to recover steel and potentially feed waste to energy processes (where available) with the residual shredded foams and fabrics (floc). Waste to energy options for shredded mattress floc are currently limited in Australia but are being piloted in some states. Shredding mattresses can be the most feasible recovery option when mattresses are contaminated, wet or stockpiled in large volumes. Shredding reduces volume in landfill as opposed to burying a complete mattress.

The ABSC is actively seeking solutions to the materials currently not recovered from shredding and encourages organisations that shred mattresses to work with us on finding solutions.

Continuous Improvement

The ABSC takes a continuous improvement approach to mattress recycling. We are at the beginning of our journey and expect to develop higher order solutions for end-of-life mattresses that are both commercially viable and preferenced in the waste hierarchy. The waste hierarchy shows preferences across any product or material in terms of its end-of-life opportunities.