How to apply for ABSC Membership?

  1. Download and read the Scheme Guidelines and ABSC Code of Conduct.
  2. Check your eligibility and understand the obligations and conditions on pages 9 – 11 in the Scheme Guidelines.
  3. Contact us via email at

Benefits of joining the ABSC

Membership determinations are made by the ABSC Board on recommendation from the ABSC. Membership is confirmed through a welcome letter.

In addition to the core benefit of demonstrating your commitment to sustainability in the bedding industry the ABSC team will support members with:

  • use of the ASBC logo and brand guidelines
  • promotion benefits through ABSC communications, website, social media, marketing collateral and PR opportunities
  • network opportunities with industry participants and ABSC members
  • opportunity to be involved in research and innovation projects
  • participation at quarterly member meetings to learn about industry and circular economy insights

Current Participants

A mattress manufacturer, importer, wholesaler, retailer or online retailer who has made the commitment to accept collections and/or pass through of the product stewardship fee. 

Current Members

A member of the ABSC, supports bedding stewardship but is not liable to pay the product stewardship fee. They have undergone an application process, paid a membership fee and agreed to abide to the ABSC Code of Conduct.

Approved Recyclers

Organisations approved by the ABSC for demonstrating safe and environmentally responsible collection, storage and recovery of end-of-life mattresses and their component materials.

Current Participants

These businesses are committed to finding better end-of-life solutions for mattresses and keeping them out of landfill. If you are looking to buy a new mattress, we encourage you to do so from Bedding Stewardship Scheme participants.

Current Members

The ABSC is proud to have the support of its members. 

The following FAQ’s are relevant to the current structure of the ABSC membership and will be updated 1 July 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my business benefit from becoming a member?

Consumer, employee and community expectations for business to take environmental and social responsibility are rising. Becoming a member demonstrates industry accountability and environmental and social responsibility.

Benefits include:

  • Access to marketing collateral and training materials
  • Use of the ASBC logo and brand materials
  • Promotion of your participation on the ABSC website, social media and marketing collateral and PR opportunities
  • Network opportunities with other industry participants and ABSC members
  • Opportunity to be involved in research and innovation projects
  • Participation at quarterly member meetings to learn about industry and circular economy insights

The ABSC membership fees will be spent on:

  • facilitation of end-of-life mattress landfill diversion solutions and commercial opportunities
  • research and development for material reuse and new markets to achieve environmental outcomes and reduce the cost of recycling
  • raising awareness through marketing and PR to increase participation by industry and consumers
  • growing the mattress recycling network in metro and regional areas
  • scheme administration

In future we will explore the potential of recycler rebates and adding bedding products such as bed bases to the scheme.

  • Market share of Australian bedding manufacturers and retailers becoming members 
  • Increased recovery of mattresses
  • Increased recovery of materials from mattresses
  • Reduced reliance on landfill
  • Easier and more convenient access to ABSC approved recycling services
  • Increased sustainable employment opportunities
  • Increased community awareness
  • Raised consumer understanding and education on environmental sustainability

Quarterly newsletters will provide progress updates and quarterly online member meetings will provide the opportunity for discussion on progress opportunities, challenges and related industry news and trends. The ABSC team will also send targeted emails when there are specific issues or news to be shared.
The ABSC regularly updates its LinkedIn profile here.

The ABSC will provide public reporting on the operation and performance of the scheme during our period of authorisation and publish an annual report. For further detail on the reporting requirements of the scheme authorisation please refer to the ACCC Authorisation Final Determination Australian Bedding Stewardship Council | ACCC

ABSC welcomes any opportunity to promote our vision, mission, and objectives. You will be provided with marketing collateral that you can use for campaigns and promotions with your member login. We are very happy to discuss collaborations on campaigns specific to your business also. While we must remain impartial, we celebrate those organisations that are engaged and are on the journey to drive circularity within their own business and industry.