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Become a member of the ABSC.

The ABSC will be launching the Bedding Stewardship Scheme in early 2023.
Now is the time to join us and bring your customers and stakeholders on board for the journey too.

Why Become A Member?

  1. Demonstrate your sustainability credentials – To show the industry and your customers that your organisation is proactive and wants to be part of the solution for a sustainable future. The ABSC will drive that message for you. The ABSC provides thought leadership, research, and a framework for product stewardship.
  2. Discourage government regulation – Supporting a voluntary, industry-led product stewardship scheme avoids the instigation of potentially costly and sometimes impractical or inconsistent regulatory measures.
  3. Greater recycling access – To enable expansion of geographic access and options for best practice mattress recycling.
  4. Recycling innovation – To facilitate innovation throughout the industry sector to drive the development of recycled and recyclable materials for use in bedding products.
  5. Improve existing material values – To keep materials used in mattresses circulating in the economy instead of burying them in landfill.
  6. Reduce hazardous waste – Discarded mattresses appear to many to be innocuous, but they present real safety hazards if not handled appropriately in recycling and if they end up in landfill.
  7. Educational opportunities – To provide knowledge and education for both industry participants and consumers about the benefits of recycling mattresses and how to access ethical recycling.

Membership Commitments

To become a member of the ABSC, applicants must agree to abide by the Scheme Guidelines, Constitution and the ABSC Code of Conduct.

Contact us for a copy of the Scheme Guidelines, Constitution and Code of Conduct documents.

Types of Membership

ABSC Membership has three tiers.

Tier 1

Australian manufacturers of mattresses and bedding products

Importers of mattresses to the Australian market

Australian retailers of mattresses (including online, or e-tailers)

Tier 2

Upstream bedding material suppliers

Downstream component recyclers

Tier 3 - Associate Member

Available to organisations that contribute to the Scheme but do not have voting rights. For example: Local and State Government, Commercial and Health accommodation sectors, Associations, Charity and Sustainability organisations.

Mattress recyclers are not eligible for ABSC membership. They can participate in the Scheme by applying for ABSC Approval for mattress recyclers

Membership changes from 2023

From 1 July 2023, participating manufacturers and retailers (Tier 1 members) will contribute to the Scheme through the Product Stewardship Fee and will no longer pay an annual membership fee.

Tier 2 members will continue to pay an annual membership fee.

Tier 3 Associate members may incur an annual membership fee.

Application Process

  1. For Tier 1 and Tier 2 membership, download the Membership Application form.
  2. For Tier 3 Associate Membership, download the Associate Membership Application Form.
  3. Complete the relevant application form and read and sign a copy of the ABSC Code of Conduct.
  4. Return both the completed application form and signed copy of the ABSC Code of Conduct via email.
  5. The ABSC team will review the membership application and contact the applicant if further information is required.
  6. Applicants are reviewed by the ABSC to ensure that their business principles, processes and marketing are in line with the Scheme guidelines.
  7. The ABSC determines whether to recommend the applicant to the ABSC Board for approval.
  8. The ABSC Board determines whether to endorse the membership recommendation.
  9. The ABSC will contact the applicant with the outcome.
  10. Membership is effective when payment of the membership fee is received.

Contact us with any questions and to access a copy of the Scheme Guidelines.

Apply Now

Download the Member and Associate Member Application forms, and a copy of the ABSC Code of Conduct below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who manages the recycling process?

The ABSC is developing a Recycler Accreditation Program for recyclers that encourages the best environmental outcomes with a preference for recyclers with social impact job creation.

Accredited recyclers will be listed on both the ABSC and Recycle My Mattress websites for members, consumers, and Councils to select from.

The ABSC does not issue or own contracts with recyclers, nor does it fund the establishment of recycling facilities, unless it is determined by the Scheme members to do so, for example to establish recycling in regional areas that may not be commercially viable otherwise.

Soft Landing, a social enterprise mattress recycler, is a program participant and has recycling sites available at Smithfield (Sydney), Newcastle (NSW), Hume (ACT), Wangara (Perth), and Bayswater (Melbourne).

The membership contributions support the costs for:

  • Brand identity for scheme members
  • Promotion of the Scheme
  • Administration of the Scheme including the costs associated with the independent auditor report and verification activities
  • Development of a longer term funding model, expansion, and sustainability of the Scheme
  • Research and development program to identify responsible commercially viable uses of recovered materials, optimising recycling outcomes and identifying logistic synergies.

Approximately 1.8 million mattresses are disposed of each year in Australia. While some are presented for recycling, there are still residual materials and whole mattress going to landfill. The disposal of an end-of-life mattress uses significant landfill space, contributes to the generation of greenhouse gases, and represents a loss of valuable resources.

Participating scheme members pay a membership fee based on their type of business. This funds the development of the scheme and consumer awareness education. It is proposed a per unit Product Stewardship fee will replace some categories of membership fee by 2023.

Currently recycling costs are borne by the consumer (or retailer if part of the purchase price), commercial user etc to the recycler.

The Recycle My Mattress scheme’s impact is measured on the following outcomes:

  • Increased recovery of mattresses
  • Increased recovery of resources in the mattress
  • Reduced reliance on landfill
  • Easier and more convenient access to recycling facilities
  • Increased sustainable employment opportunities
  • Increased community awareness
  • Raised consumer understanding and education on environmental sustainability

Becoming a part of the Scheme provides a platform to demonstrate good corporate environmental and social responsibility in addition to the benefits of having access to reliable and transparent mattress recycling services, and research and development into markets for materials at EOL.

Qualitative consumer research conducted by Pollinate in 2021 demonstrates a growing guilt by consumers if their old mattress is not recycled. Member retailers can demonstrate that mattresses they facilitate to be recycled are processed by Accredited recyclers.

Scheme members may use the ABSC and Recycle My Mattress brand and materials in accordance with Brand Style Guides provided by the ABSC.

As a member of ABSC you will be connected not only with stakeholders within the bedding industry, but other industries using similar materials and components, and other product stewardship schemes representing their industries and driving change. As the program evolves, it will become an education tool for your business, providing relevant information for your teams on industry news, governance, compliance, and emerging national and global trends.

ABSC conducts online member meetings every quarter. Newsletters are sent quarterly, and targeted emails are sent if there are specific issues or news to be shared. Members are invited to provide relevant material for consideration for newsletter inclusion.

Inputs are welcomed at any time. There are working groups comprising members who volunteer their time to support specific initiatives such as lifecycle innovation, marketing, and logistics. There is the opportunity to get involved in specific areas if you believe you have expertise and time to offer.

You can be an advocate and promoter of the scheme to businesses, customers, suppliers etc.

As a member you may also stand for election to the Board at the appropriate time each year.

ABSC welcomes any opportunity to promote our scheme, our vision, mission, and objectives. You will be provided with marketing collateral that you can use for campaigns and promotions with your member login. We are very happy to discuss collaborations on campaigns specific to your business also. While we must remain impartial, we celebrate those organisations that are engaged and are on the journey to drive circularity within their own business and industry.

Our Members

The Australian Bedding Stewardship Council Limited (ABSC) and it’s members are committed to demonstrating leadership in the responsible and ethical management of mattresses and bedding products throughout their lifecycle.