Mattresses added to the priority list

Today, the Minister for the Environment and Water, the Hon. Tanya Plibersek, MP, placed the mattress industry on the Minister’s Priority List. The Minister’s Priority List identifies products and materials considered most in need of a product stewardship program to reduce their environmental impacts.

This is a positive endorsement of the work that has been done to date by the Australian Bedding Stewardship Council (ABSC) to develop a vvoluntary, industry-led product stewardship scheme for the bedding industry and a call to action for the sector to pull together as one.

This listing now places scrutiny on the bedding industry to participate in the Bedding Stewardship Scheme. Where industry participation does not increase, the government will consider a regulatory measure.


Next steps?

The ABSC team will discuss the implications of the mattress industry being placed on the Ministers’ Priority List with ABSC members at our upcoming Member Meeting on 17 November 2022. We will also re-engage with the broader bedding industry who are yet to indicate interest in a voluntary, industry-led stewardship approach.

If you have been watching the development of Bedding Stewardship in Australia now is the time to step forward to join the ABSC and commit to a whole of life cycle approach to mattresses and bedding products.


How to participate


Please contact Jane Street for more information.

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