Making product stewardship a priority


Minister for Environment and Water, Tanya Plibersek has just released the Minister’s Priority List for 2023/2024 and once again, mattresses are highlighted along with clothing textiles, tyres, plastics in healthcare products in hospitals and child car seats.

The Federal Government expects to see the following actions:

1. Manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers must demonstrate improved and measurable product stewardship actions which could include any of the following: expanding and improving the industry-led product stewardship scheme (for example through a significant decline in free riding); product design improvements and supply chain initiatives to increase durability, reparability, re-usability and/or recyclability; other supply chain initiatives that measurably support good product stewardship and circular economy progress.

2. Mattress and bedding companies which are not currently members of the Bedding Stewardship Scheme should commence formal participation.

3. The ABSC should provide a report to us providing specific details of current membership, free riders, and barriers to delivery of a sustainable, well subscribed industry led stewardship scheme.

These actions need to be demonstrated by November 2024 so there is no time to waste.

To participate with the ABSC visit:


For the full details of the Minister’s Priority List go to:

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