What is Product Stewardship?

Product stewardship drives improved outcomes; to innovate and
create better products for both consumers and the environment,
and to ensure a positive, sustainable future for our industry and
future generations.

What is the ABSC’s role? 

It works with industry and engages with universities,  
researchers, recyclers and other product stewardship schemes globally. The research, insights, ideas, and knowledge we build will be shared with our members and recyclers to help them innovate and improve environmental impacts and outcomes for everyone. 


Reduce the environmental and health impacts of [our] products throughout their 
life cycle.


Climate change, maximising use of precious resources, protecting our environment and our wildlife and improving social outcomes.


Anyone who designs, manufactures, imports, sells and uses products shares responsibility and can have the biggest influence.

Expectation of the Federal Government from Industry

The expectation of the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) is that - Manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers must demonstrate improved and measurable product stewardship actions which could include any of the following: expanding and improving the industry-led product stewardship scheme (for example through a significant decline in free riding); product design improvements and supply chain initiatives to increase durability, reparability, re-usability and/or recyclability; other supply chain initiatives that measurably support good product stewardship and circular economy progress.

Mattresses have been added to the Ministers’ Priority List, for the second year in a row

Mattresses contain a range of materials such as natural and synthetic fibres, metal springs, latex rubber polyurethane and memory foam.​

​Landfilling end-of-life mattresses has negative impacts on the environment and human health. Mattresses are bulky, present fire hazards, contain chemicals of concern including flame retardants (e.g. PFAS), cause subsidence, can get caught in landfill machines and shredded particles can become airborne.​

Low or no material value of materials used within mattresses hampers the viability of recovery and recycling.​

The Ministers’ office expects that by November 2024 -

Mattress and bedding companies which are not currently members of the Bedding Stewardship Scheme should commence formal participation. 

The ABSC should provide a report to DECEEW providing specific details of current membership, free riders and barriers to delivery of a sustainable, well subscribed industry led stewardship scheme. 

The Honourable Tanya Plibersek, Minister for the Environment and Water.

Mattresses have been added to the Minister's Priority List 2023-24 for the second year in row, see the full list below.

Our Team

The ABSC team brings together people with a shared commitment to drive positive outcomes for the bedding industry in Australia. While coming from diverse backgrounds, their combined experience spans across procurement and manufacturing, sustainable and strategic business practices, project development and implementation, waste recovery and management, education, textiles, product development and compliance, and marketing.

  • Kylie Roberts-Frost

    Chief Executive Officer

    Kylie Roberts-Frost

    Chief Executive Officer

    With over two decades of experience spanning logistics, supply chain management, and consultancy with global industry leaders, Kylie Roberts-Frost steps into her role as CEO of the Australian Bedding Stewardship Council (ABSC) with a proven track record of operational excellence. Kylie’s career journey has included roles at Maersk and Deloitte, where she honed her strategic leadership and financial acumen.

    However, her most recent achievements stem from her time leading Soft Landing in the ACT, where she spearheaded groundbreaking recycling initiatives, fostered partnerships with government agencies, and championed social impact programs. These experiences have solidified her dedication to environmental sustainability, the circular economy, and the belief that environmental responsibility can yield positive social outcomes.

    As she embarks on this new journey with ABSC, Kylie is passionate about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Her vision extends beyond traditional recycling to embrace higher-order reuse and the circular economy as pathways to success. She believes in the power of collaborative efforts, industry innovation, sustainable practices, and social responsibility to drive positive change.

  • Tracey Pryor

    Director of Innovation

    Tracey Pryor

    Director of Innovation

    Tracey Pryor has a long history in the textiles industry both garment and household, including mattress ticking in both corporate and SME organisations. Her experience throughout the entire chain of events required to bring products to market, has provided Tracey with hands on experience in sourcing, production, design and product development, testing and compliance and, commercialisation through marketing and sales. Most recently, Tracey has experienced first hand that these skills are transferable to other industries, working on product research and development for acoustic and thermal insulation for building and construction, taking waste from landfill and converting it to new products with longevity.

    Tracey’s international exposure and post graduate in management coupled with her personal passion for innovation, sustainable business practices and recycling, she is using her experience to support a circular economy approach by finding ways to recycle and upcycle waste and to develop products with the end goal in mind; to keep resources in use for as long as possible and reduce depletion. Tracey believes that businesses large and small can have a positive impact on sustainability for people and planet which will reap economic rewards for their businesses as well.

  • Nicole Birrell

    Marketing Coordinator

    Nicole Birrell

    Marketing Coordinator

    Nicole brings an extensive range of both Corporate and SME experience, having spent most of her career in roles including Executive Assistant, Graphic Designer and Marketing Coordinator. Her experience spans over 25 years working with a range of iconic Australian and Global brands, such as Johnson & Johnson, The Body Shop, Coca-Cola Amatil, and Pacific Brands,

    Nic is excited to bring her wide range of skills in brand integrity and representation, digital design and social media management to the ABSC to build the brand, raise the profile and share its’ stories.

Our Board

  • Garry Beard


    Garry Beard

    Chairman & Managing Director, A.H.Beard

    Garry has 45 years bedding experience and is Chairman & Managing Director of A.H.Beard Pty Ltd.

    Garry was a key driver for the establishment of an industry supported program to create better environmental and social outcomes from end-of-life mattresses. He is passionately considering the whole of life impacts of the company’s products from both an environmental and social perspective.

  • David Wood

    Treasurer and Company Secretary

    David Wood

    Treasurer and Company Secretary
    Chief Operating Officer, Sealy of Australia

    After 15 years of senior executive experience in Professional Services (PwC and Deloitte) in both Australia and United Kingdom David brings a wealth of bedding industry experience across all operational activities to the Executive Committee. He has been in senior management at Sealy of Australia for 15 years including as Chief Financial Officer and now Chief Operating Officer.

    David joined the Executive Committee in 2019 and also sits on the Scheme Working Group.

  • Kylie Roberts-Frost


    Kylie Roberts-Frost

    Corporate Compliance Officer, Harvey Norman

    With a rich background in logistics and supply chain management, Kylie Roberts-Frost, CEO of the Australian Bedding Stewardship Council (ABSC), brings a unique perspective to environmental sustainability. Her experiences at Maersk and Deloitte have sharpened her strategic leadership and problem-solving skills. Leading initiatives at Soft Landing in the ACT, Kylie demonstrated her commitment to sustainable practices, creating meaningful partnerships with government bodies and championing impactful social programs. Her approach at ABSC emphasises the importance of a holistic view of the circular economy, recognising that recycling alone is not a solution for over-consumption. Kylie advocates for a balanced approach that integrates sustainable consumption with innovative waste management strategies. As she shares her insights into voluntary industry-led product stewardship schemes at sustainability conferences and events, Kylie’s vision for a comprehensive approach to waste and resource management will provide a perspective as a leader of the scheme for a Priority Product on the Minister’s 2024 list.

  • John Elliott


    John Elliott

    Founder, Save Our Soles

    When it comes to corporate social responsibility, John has years of practical industry experience and has a realistic and pragmatic view about how companies can create real change. He has worked in the sporting industry for over 30 years with roles at Puma, And1 and Sportsco, discovering his passion for social responsibility in business when he chaired Nikes’ Environmental Group For The Region and joined its first Global Climate Change Summit in Portland.

    John is excited to be part of the ABSC board to help us continue to find responsible outcomes for the mattress industry which will benefit all of our members and enable us to create better solutions going forward.

  • David Edwards

    Independent Director

    David Edwards

    Independent Director
    Chief Executive Officer, Forty Winks

    David has broad experience across the Australasian retailing, wholesaling, manufacturing and franchising industries; most recently as the CEO of Forty Winks Franchising.

    Now standing as an independent director, David is looking forward to working with all Australian bedding industry stakeholders in order to drive the implementation of an equitable, and viable, Product Stewardship scheme.

  • Alexis Phitidis


    Alexis Phitidis

    Managing Director, Beds Australia

    Alexis commenced his professional career with Deloitte and is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand. His corporate experience includes Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer roles across a range of industries, including manufacturing, distribution and retail.

    Alexis has contributed to the product stewardship scheme since 2019 and brings experience from an independent retail perspective that specialises in Australian made brands.

  • Kylie Hughes


    Kylie Hughes

    Director, Waste Policy and Legislation with QLD Department of Environment and Science

    Kylie is Director – Waste Policy and Legislation with QLD Department of Environment and Science. She has significant expertise in policy and legislation analysis and development, stakeholder engagement and consultation, and product stewardship scheme design and development. Kylie is an active participant on Boards, in working groups and the development of Product Stewardship Schemes with extensive experience in the realm of resource recovery. She brings enthusiasm and passion to her role as Director with the ABSC Board and will encourage open conversations to explore ideas and solutions for the bedding industry.

  • Damian Donohoe


    Damian Donohoe

    Managing Director, Snooze

    Joining Australia’s premier retailer in 2017, Damian is a highly accomplished retail executive with expertise in business and network development, retail operations, leasing, and manufacturing, as well as working within franchise networks. He has led teams in retail and manufacturing since 1994. In 2005, Damian commenced his formal career in the bedding/furniture industry with American bedding manufacturer – Kingsdown Inc, as an Account Executive, becoming the Managing Director in 2014 and running a successful business before his move to Snooze.

    Damian is known in the bedding industry as an authentic and passionate retailer, putting the customer first and building strong relationships with the people that work with him as well as supply partners, believing that any business can only be as good as its people. Residing in Melbourne, Damian in interested in leading a healthy lifestyle, with keen interest in long-distance running and playing tennis.