The Australian Bedding Stewardship Council (ABSC) is a voluntary, industry-led product stewardship scheme backed by the Federal Government and with ACCC authorisation. It is made up of members from across the bedding industry – retailers, importers, manufacturers and their supply chains, along with a growing cohort of recyclers, approved by the ABSC for their ethical and responsible business practices.

The ABSC aims to reduce waste generation and improve resources productivity of bedding products, in particular end-of-life mattresses with a remit to include other bedding products as the scheme develops.

Approximately 1.8 million mattresses are disposed of each year. Placed end-to-end they would stretch from Darwin to the tip of Tasmania.

Many end up in landfill and some dumped on our streets as they are heavy, awkward to handle, and can be difficult and expensive to dispose of.

Mattresses cause significant issues in landfill – they take up valuable space much needed for other items such as organics, can cause fires and subsidence, and it means that non-renewable resources such as steel, foams and textiles are being buried taking many decades to break down. These negative factors lead to unsafe landfills, filling up more quickly than they should, unsightly kerbsides in our local communities and specifically a loss of those resources that potentially have another life and value.

By working with Government of all levels, supply chain, manufacturers, retailers, importers and recyclers, the ABSC objectives are to move the industry towards a circular economy for mattresses and bedding products and provide national recycling solutions including in regional communities.

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