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The Australian Bedding Stewardship Council is a not-for-profit entity that was established in 2020 to tackle the problem of end-of-life mattresses in Australia to keep them out of landfill and off our streets.

Some things really matter

Australians dispose of 1.8 million mattresses every year. That’s why the ABSC is working with the bedding industry to divert these away from landfill, and help to find innovative ways to reuse these materials.

Let’s say goodnight to unsustainable bedding.

Lifecycle Innovation

EOL mattresses are a big problem worldwide. The ABSC is driving Lifecyle innovation through collaboration with global entities, research institutions and industry to identify opportunities for research and development that can lead to scalable, commercial outcomes.

Of the 1.8 million EOL mattresses disposed of every year in Australia, pleasingly, almost 60% of those are collected by a recycling function. However, current recycling practices only recover roughly 44-64% of the materials (or less) which is predominantly steel and polyurethane foam, with the balance going to landfill.

Follow our journey as we explore ways to extract value and reuse resources from end-of-life mattresses in useful and innovative ways.

Mattress Matters